Payton Releases Debut EP insomnia

Celebrating his birthday with style, payton releases his debut album insomnia alongside a brand-new music video for “way out”. Following the success of his previously released tracks “all wrong” and “blame”, insomnia focuses on a more understated, vocal- heavy sound then payton has previously been known for. Working solely with producer Donny Bravo, payton’s EP has a vibey R&B twist to it that fits perfectly with the emotion-laden lyrics and tonality of his vocals. The ability to make each song stand out as its own hit and yet form a cohesive album comes as not an easy task, however it is one that payton has achieved with flying colors. From the heartbroken “blame” to the emotional pump-up “all wrong”, each track on insomnia will mean something different to somebody else in a way that will make the listeners immediately connect with the album and payton’s lyrics. Alongside the EP, payton just released the music video for “way out” containing an entertaining medley of scenes featuring payton working dead end jobs trying to find an escape, much like the track it’s named after.

After racking up an impressive 1.5 million Spotify streams in a single week for his debut single “Love Letter”, payton has gone on to boast over 15 million TikTok fans, 80 million streams, and billions of views on platforms all across the internet. Getting his start by posting covers on social media, payton soon began to write and record his own music as a form of self-expression that has blossomed into something much greater. Hoping to help fans feel comforted and seen through his music, payton shares, “When I was on tour, I had a lot of people coming up to me and telling me that my music had saved them when they were going through tough situations in their lives […] It means a lot to me that my music could end up helping people and making them feel better at those moments when they feel like no one understands them.” To celebrate the release of insomnia, payton will be headlining The Echo in Los Angeles on August 2nd at 7PM.

insomnia Track Listing:

1.         way out

2.         blame

3.         all wrong

4.         you don’t care

5.         move along

6.         insomnia                   


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