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First Day Feature: Baton Rouge’s iisaiiahRR discusses his entry into the game, what he hopes to accomplish and more

Often times as a listener we don’t really get the chance to see an artist as they start their journey. It can take years and years for an artist to catch on on the mainstream level, all the while still being called a “new” artist by award shows, radio and media outlets. For people like us here at 1DF we find joy in truly watching new artists grow and flourish.

One artist that is doing just that is Baton Rouge, Louisiana native iisaiiahRR. The MC start his journey in 2021 and hasnt looked back sense, dropping track after track with the consistency needed to build a loyal fanbase. With his first two official projects under his belt in “Forever Doubted” and “Big Motion”, we wanted to shed some light his way. Check out our Q&A session with the budding talent below:

For those new to you please introduce yourself.

My name is iisaiiahRR and I’m a rapper out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

What would you like people to know about you as an artist?

I would want them to know that I am someone who is authentic. I ride my own wave and I’m versatile.

What are your influences as an artist?

My influence as an artist is to make a better life for myself and the ones around me.

Did you have any heroes or role models growing up?

My father more so than anyone.

How long have you been doing music?

I’ve been active around a year now.

What is your favorite song by you so far?

It’s an unreleased track called “The One/Road Runner”

Where do you see yourself in 3 years?

On tour in front of thousands.

Who is the one artist you would collaborate with if you could?’

Polo G

What three artists would you like to tour with if you could?

It would be Polo G, Seddy Hendrix and Noodah05.

What do you feel makes you different from other upcoming rappers?

My sound and the way that I carry myself.

What’s your favorite city that you have visited?

Houston, Texas

What do you want your fans to stand on? What would you consider to be your brand and what do you want them to think when they connect with that?

I want my fans to stand on being themselves and being authentic. My brand is RR (Road Runner). This is just a representation of me running to my dreams. I am a business man, an artist, an entertainer, an influencer and a human being. I want to be viewed as multi-faceted, not just another rapper in the game.


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