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Album: Lorey – “Son of a Narcissist”

Queens native Lorey drops off his new project “Son of a Narcissist” and stand-out single, “First Things First” featuring buzzing Flint-born artist Bfb Da Packman. 

Son of Conga musician, Juan Lorenzo, Lorey grew up immersed in music. The world around him served as the testing ground for his future sound. From using pots and pans to drum to freestyling over J Dilla beats, Lorey understood rhythm at a young age. Influenced by Kendrick Lamar, he wrote his first verse at 15.

After dropping single “Rhudeboy” in 2021, Lorey has worked vigorously on this new album “Son of a Narcissist.” Outside of Packman, the project includes features from Baby Rich and Jodi Summers. 

“You don’t have to be super tough or gangster to be remembered in Hip-Hop. Being yourself and making people feel good is an award in itself,” Lorey shares with us.Listen to Lorey’s “Son of a Narcissist” here.

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