All hail Jayd Ink and her EP ‘Catching Red Lights’

Documenting her blossoming, Jayd Ink offers a new 3-track project – ‘Catching Red Lights’. This EP takes the role of a musical diary and is the brainchild of Jayd Ink’s intense self-reflection from the last couple of years. Curated as a witness to intricate artistic growth, the EP presents fresh tracks belonging to the Toronto-based songstress’ new musical era.

Jayd Ink could not have done this better. While she resorts to vulnerability to openly reveal her personal thoughts, she has complete control over us listeners, guiding us here and there, reeling us into her endearing realm. We’re not complaining.

“Catching Red Lights is about slowing down and learning to appreciate the moment. During the lockdown I took the time to sit with myself, dive deeper into my thoughts, my fears and my overall wellbeing. It was a lot of reflection. These three songs are a combination of how I was feeling during that time.”


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