Casket D calls on Hitman Pap for his “Reflection” video

A huge part of healing has to do with reflection. Present day Casket D has plenty to reflect upon, with the massive success of his latest album HEALER reaching over 5 million streams world wide and tons of critical acclaim to boot. The official video release of the Hitman Pap assisted track, REFLECTION is right on time. The harmonies of Pap and passion of Casket blend together like a mixologists best seller to create a powerfully moving affirmation of light at the end of the tunnel. Honing in on their past while embracing their new found life.

Directed by: Casket D & 2020 Guap
Shot by: Trevor Joel & Mixed by 20 Visuals Drone Shots by: Delly Del & Mixed by 20 Visuals
Edited by: Twenty TwoTime


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