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Flowerchile aims to close out 2022 with “Self Care” & strong string of features

One of our favorite singers representing the Magnolia state, Flowerchile, is back and busy this November. With a voice that is infectious and a personality that broods through her music, Flowerchile has grown her fanbase in tremendous bounds over the past few years. That looks to continue with the recent string of releases she’s been a part of.

To kick off the month, she made a guest appearance with TG-18 on his new project “U.T.I.C.A”. Titled “Sexy Dream (Silk Satin)”, she takes on the role of a woman who knows just what she wants and isn’t afraid to go get it. The single definitely has a more sensual vibe to it making it perfect for the winter months.

Her first solo release in a while, “Self Care”, finds Flowerchile loving herself. We all go through those moments where we have to just block out the world and focus on ourselves. Something as simple as taking yourself out to dinner can bring an uplifting feeling when needed. Whether it be for mental health reasons or just wanting to feel the appreciation that comes along with it, “Self Care” represents that concept well.

Rounding things out is Excalibur and his standout record “Pink Whitney”. The record comes from his latest EP “X’s and O’s”. This one features Flowerchile and is as trippy and relatable as they come. The song is pure vibes and the collaborative skills between the two are excellent.

All three songs show different sides of the multifaceted talent and writing skills Flowerchile possesses. Don’t sleep. Stream all three singles now and watch out for more as she prepares for an appearance on the Jackson Indie Music Week stage to kick off 2023.

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