Television and Film Open New Doors for genre-defying Artist Julian Kerins

He has toured internationally at festivals with artists such as the 1975 and Fall Out Boy, made videos showcasing his music on YouTube, and received his most growth-to-date in 2022 with a total of more than 5.5M views on YouTube. The last couple of months have shown that the effort Julian has put into creating, curating, and performing his music are finally paying off with the licensing and publishing deal he just signed last October. Since signing, Julian has been working with composer Mark Schoenfeld and film/TV music director Marc Jackson. A music producer and supervisor placing songs for Netflix and Disney, Marc is currently working with Julian on remaking some of his music to make it fit better on the big screen:


Outside of film and TV, Mark is working with Julian to create new songs that will fit on scores. Julian is currently co-writing a play called “Music Boy” which he and Mark are pitching to Netflix, Disney, and Broadway. One song, “Tears Can Water Roses,” strikes a chord that is reminiscent of Julian’s discography but at the same time brings something incredibly new and beautiful out of his voice. To be released in just a couple of months, the song has a heavily cinematic feel that to me is reminiscent of a John Legend ballad.

Along with the sync side of the music, Julian is able to make a living predominantly from touring with his band which includes Michael Vetter on drums and Michael Schuler on bass. The trio are currently on an international tour and recently jammed with artists such as Animals as Leaders and Stevie Wonder last summer. While the tour is going on, it is crazy to see that Julian is expanding to TV, film, and writing for plays. The success Julian has found on tour and his joy of meeting fans face-to-face may have brought him to become more insular, focusing on his craft alone, but the move to get a sync deal and begin co-writing with Mark Schoenfeld shows his ambitions are set on making a long-term career in music. By investing in things likely to pay dividends for many years to come, Julian is growing as a touring artist while establishing himself as a multimedia artist. The moves Julian made in 2022 are inspiring to me as an up-and-coming musician and music producer and I am definitely taking notes for myself going into 2023.

To keep up with Julian’s music and career, give him a follow on Instagram. Facebook, and website:


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