Alt R&B Artist Low.bō Drops New Single “Down On My Luck”

Alternative R&B artist Low.bō has just released his gritty new offering ‘Down On My Luck’. The fresh cut combines a skulking bass line, shimmering chords and sublime vocal layering to create a truly captivating track. 

With this soulful single, Low.bō expresses his frustration with the capitalist society that restricts our ability to live freely, in his own words: “I work a 6-6 job that I don’t enjoy working and just not having the time to explore other outlets of my life such as romance or just simple pleasures because of being stuck at a job and being caught up in the cycle of capitalism and survival, Down on my luck just became the manifestation of that. Fuck a 9-5, Fuck a catch 22, live your life as free as you can”.

Baltimore raised, Jersey based artist Low.bō is a 23 year old artist, whos use of vocal layering, harmonies & introspective lyricism not only give insight to his life but gives insight into the world around him; starting his journey at 4, his family had him in choirs all throughout his childhood whether it was in church or in highschool, music was always a huge factor of his younger life; working on demos during the pandemic, it wasn’t until August of 2021 that he decided to pursue that same passion seriously and work on his craft again, making songs such as “My Dogs”, “Ricochet” & “Venus.


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