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Dell G Details Combining Various Production Styles & His Love For The 49ers On His New Album

Veteran rapper Dell G has revealed the rationale that moved him to seek West Coast-leaning production to personify his recent Niners Forever Compilation album.

Released last December, the 10-track compilation project is home to Dell G’s San Francisco 49ers-celebrating hits such as “Still Faithful,” featuring Dave Canal. In a recent interview with 1stDayFresh, Dell G explained his creative process behind the album, starting with his decision to lace the record with West Coast production, among other genres.

“The Production for this Niners Forever album had to be original and a universal sound,” Dell G said. “From West Coast, East Coast, Midwest, Overseas, etc.  Producers from Spain (SURCE BEATS), Kloudnine Music from Louisiana, No30, G- Crow from Philly, DreamLife Beats from UK.”

Dell G continued, hinting at what is to come on the sequel to the project. “I was specifically aiming for R&B, Hip Hop, by way of Reggaeton / Dancehall but that will be added on to Niners Forever 2,” he said.

Dell G originally began making music in 1991. However, it wasn’t until after 2012 when he began combining his love for Hip Hop with his love for sports — specifically his love for 49ers football.

In addition to working on Niners Forever 2, Dell G is also working on his upcoming Hip Hop album entitled Community Service.

Stream Dell G’s Niners Forever album below.

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