Florida’s FABOx Drops New Single “Gangster Rap”

FABOx embraces energy, pain and determination through the power of his music. Born in Jamaica and raised in South Florida, he specifically moved back and forth between Miami and Broward county, whilst learning about independence from an early age. Channelling his hunger by playing sports and rapping with some of his teammates, before dropping out of college and moving to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams of becoming an artist.

Accumulating over 85,000 streams on Spotify alone, he continues to prove that he’s an incredibly talented rapper within the hip-hop scene. Speaking his truth across releases, FABOx is passionate about detailing the things he’s seen throughout the course of his life, personal growth and the pain he’s endured due to trauma, which equally resonates with listeners and fans alike. The multifaceted talent inspires listeners and takes away the message that he delivers by simply ‘putting your head down and doing things that you’re passionate about can change your life’.

After captivating listeners and fans with an array of explosive releases over the last few years, FABOx makes an explosive return with another stand-out offering in the form of ‘Gangster Rap’ – serving listeners with a taster of what’s to come from his forthcoming album. 

Bringing back more that fiery and trademark hip-hop aesthetic he is known for, ‘Gangster Rap’ is an energetic and gritty addition to the rising stars growing discography. Eclectic beats fuse with enticing percussion and incredibly dense lyricism and that trademark flow that FABOx is renowned for. It’s a truly mesmerising and head-bopping affair that will catch the attention of hip-hop fans and listeners across the globe.

“The song is an embodiment of feeling confident and talking your shit. It’s the feeling of determination and flexing in the process.” -FABOx

Stream FABOx’s new album X-Fyles HERE

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