Happy Endings for Raphaela Nehme

Ottawa by way of Lebanon, signer-songwriter Raphaela Nehme bursts back on the scene with her gem of a third single: “Happy Endings”, loosely inspired by the New York Times bestselling book “Book Lovers” by Emily Henry. It’s a modern pop/acoustic record that makes the listener feel like they’re inside a fairy tale. The production of the song embarks on a journey, beginning with soft guitar and pop sounds, and grows into a full-on pop hook with a bridge that utilizes piano synthesizer elements and changes keys for the final choruses. 

Raphaela had the following to say about her latest and greatest: “While my first two singles were inspired by personal experiences, this one is very special to me because I feel like I am finally finding a sound that I feel truly represents the kind of music I want to make. With Happy Endings, I aim to convey the idea that oftentimes, the rest of the world is the problem, and all it takes is the “one person who gets you, allows you to be you, and loves you regardless.” 

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