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Marc the Prophet is having fun on his latest single “Type Shit”

One word comes to Marc the Prophet’s mind when talking about his latest single: fun.  “Type Shit” is exactly that; a fun track that is sure to get you out of your seat at the club or turning up the volume in the car.  The Tampa native has been making music for almost seven years, but he has the raw energy of a young MC yet to be heard by the world.

“[The song] gave me a feeling of fun so I had to add to that,” said Marc the Prophet.  “I couldn’t take away from the energy it gave.”

Lyrically, Marc the Prophet makes a statement right from the first line, lyric checking the one and only Kanye West and his legendary line that opened JAY-Z’s eyes.  But rather than “push a Benz”, Marc the Prophet is driving a “white colored Tesla [that] self-drives, that’s a Cool Whip”, cleverly playing off Kanye’s bar “Mayonnaise colored Benz, I push Miracle Whips”.  It shows Marc’s open mindedness when it comes to finding inspiration from others, and also shows his originality by creating a new, modernized take on Ye’s bar from 2006.

Marc enlisted Austin Knoll to produce the track, and says that his engineer Taylor from Duprey Recording Studios is “nasty with engineering”, and one listen to “Type Shit” will tell you that three very talented individuals came together to make an absolute banger.

As for his next moves, Marc the Prophet plans on staying a busy man.  He plans on dropping “a few more songs” before the year ends; his main focus is diversifying his sound and showing listeners how versatile he can be.  It seems that Marc the Prophet has got it all figured out, and it’s only a matter of time before we see him at the top of the charts.

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