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Music: La2wentyfour – “Accordion” 

Houston rapper, by way of Pretoria, South Africa, La2wentyfour, delivers his latest hitter, "Accordion." The southern emcee released his first song in late 2018 in the hopes to change rap culture by making thought-provoking music, complimenting it of course, with entertaining lyrics. As we patiently wait for more new music from La2wentyfour, check out his latest single, "Accordion," below!… Continue reading Music: La2wentyfour – “Accordion” 


Gerb the Point Guard (@bhrekords) – “New To Me”

Today Breadhouse Rekords rapper Gerb the Point Guard preps his new album Out On Bond with a new visual for fans despite remaining on house arrest. Supported by his new single "New 2 Me," the Florida bred rapper is out on bond while he continues to fight a legal case within the Florida legal system.   "It's just a record about… Continue reading Gerb the Point Guard (@bhrekords) – “New To Me”

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Music: Corm – “House Down”

Get Ready! Corm!!! is here! The artist mixes elements of all genres including EDM, Dubstep, Hip-Hop, Trap and more. His latest release comes in the form a new single titled "House Down." The EDM, Dubstep mixed record was self-produced and is a response to all those who demand music being lowered during say, a house… Continue reading Music: Corm – “House Down”


Dave B. The Prince (@DaveBTP) – “Gang Time”

  Recently South Central-bred rapper Dave B. the Prince released his new single "Gang Time." Touching on the code of the streets and the mackin' way of life, Dave B. the Prince raps about the life he grew up experiencing in the Jefferson Park area of Los Angeles.  Rapping with an undying dedication since 2007, by 2018 Dave B. The Prince felt he had mastered his craft. From… Continue reading Dave B. The Prince (@DaveBTP) – “Gang Time”


Trap Main  (@Qbg_trapmain) – “First Day Out”

Recently Mississippi rapper Trap Main released the video for his new song, "First Day Out." The song is his first release after being incarcerated for over two years for a crime he fought and took to trial.  Trap Main was held against his will but eventually appealed a 30 year sentence and was released. Through it all Trap Main… Continue reading Trap Main  (@Qbg_trapmain) – “First Day Out”

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Laaawwd’s DILT Visual Is An Unintentional Reminder Of Better Days

  Remember the Super Bowl? Parties? Just a short month and a half ago Laaawwd made the trek from his home in Dubai to Miami where this video was shot. In the wake of current events, it may be one of the last such videos he, or any other artist shoots of this nature. Enjoy this brief… Continue reading Laaawwd’s DILT Visual Is An Unintentional Reminder Of Better Days


Music: Fadetheblackk – “Systematic”

"Putting full pressure on the gas pedal, New York emcee Fadetheblackk is back with another offering in the form of the four-and-a-half lyrical bombshell titled "Systematic." Utilizing a high-pitched vocal sapling and crafting the core of the drums around it, the hanging production feels truly chilling, a feeling one often gets when listening to Fadetheblackk.… Continue reading Music: Fadetheblackk – “Systematic”

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Bankreaux’s “Love Hate” Album Is The Charismatic Trap Wave You Need In Your Life

Bankreaux's Atlanta childhood was the perfect bedding soil in which to cultivate the charismatic trap stylings found on his new project, "Love Hate." You will also hear the influences of his later life in Texas, where he currently resides in San Antonio within this 16-track release. What will strike you most of all though is… Continue reading Bankreaux’s “Love Hate” Album Is The Charismatic Trap Wave You Need In Your Life