New Mixtape: D De Niro – “Side Effects” | @DDeniro1000

D De Niro is back with his second mixtape release this month called Side Effects. The 13-track project features production from MakinBeatz100, Juse Beats, Yung Lan, Rage Santana, Chinaman Hustle, Jdice600, LetThatBoyCook, Gio Fargo, Mini Productions, and more. Listen below via Spotify or on any music platform.


New Mixtape: D De Niro – “Bondfair, Warfare & Welfare” | @DDeniro1000

D De Niro presents his new full-length project titled ''Bondfair Warfare & Welfare.'' Through 13 songs, D vividly portrays the lifestyle of having to keep up Bondfair staying prepared for Warfare and those that are living in Welfare. Featuring Don Trip as well as a few major producers, song for song is worthy of listening to—tune… Continue reading New Mixtape: D De Niro – “Bondfair, Warfare & Welfare” | @DDeniro1000

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New Music: D De Niro Ft. Don Trip – “Tables Turn” | @DDeNiro1000 @MrDonTrip

D De Niro and Don Trip just dropped their new song produced by heavy hitting producer Yung Lan to create ''Tables Turn." With his D's Bondfair, Warfare & Welfair project right around the corner, this is definitely the right way to kick things off! Check it out and follow him on Instagram @d_deniro1000.


New Video: D De Niro – “Try Again” | @ddeniro1000

New visuals from upcoming rapper D De Niro called ''Try Again.'' De Niro never really focused on lyrics as much as he does with factual story telling that you can hear and tell through the visuals. His latest mixtape Trap Over Ascap speaks for itself with ASCAP being one of the ways artists get paid through music.… Continue reading New Video: D De Niro – “Try Again” | @ddeniro1000