JGE Retro drop new video for “Monopoly$”

St. Louis based duo JGE Retro, known as Lil Shawn and Shad, have been carving out their own niche in the music scene for quite some time. Though both are still young, they’ve been creating music since children under the tutelage of their famous relatives, Lil Shawn being the nephew of rapper Nelly and Shad the son of Tony “T-Luv” Davis, Nelly’s… Continue reading JGE Retro drop new video for “Monopoly$”

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Midwest rapper Woo Child drops ‘Saturday’ on all major digital outlets

St. Louis rapper Woo Child presents his new single "Saturday", produced by Soleternity, the beatsmith behind songs by Snoop Dogg, Tech-N9ne, Young Buck, Bone Crusher and Khujo of the Goodie Mob. "'Saturday' represents the first day of true rest and relaxation for your average working class person," Woo says about his new single. "TGIF gets… Continue reading Midwest rapper Woo Child drops ‘Saturday’ on all major digital outlets


Khalil Robinson – Really Aggin?

Khalil Robinson is a nineteen year old artist born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri. Khalil always has had an ear for music. He grew up listening to classic artists such as Redman, Tupac, AZ, Jay Z and more. He began pursuing music full time summer of 2017. Since then, he has studied the arts… Continue reading Khalil Robinson – Really Aggin?