Rodd.D – Schemin In My Dreams

Hailing from Bennettsville, South Carolina comes Rodd.D with his anticipated single “Schemin’ In My Dreams”, off his upcoming project “Midnight Blues”, which is exclusively produced by Money Montage[Dizzy Wright, Rich the Kid, OG Maco, etc.] of Intl’ Campaign. The Carolina artist comes together with the very impressive New York producer and delivers a perfect blend of substance and smacking production, laying the soundtrack for our night owls traveling in the midnight bumping blues. If you’re familiar with Rodd.D’s previous work,“SIMD” is served with a different vibe than anything we’ve heard from him before. When asked about the meaning of “SIMD”, Rodd.D responded:

“I think this is a perfect single considering the vision and plot I have for “Midnight Blues”. I feel like I’ve always had a story to tell, that’s my gift. I plan on building the project in story form, this project has to make sense, that’s what matters most to me. But man ever since I started working with Montage I’ve had to revise and restructure the project. The God really has a vision, him and Rich. I’ve been sitting on Montage beats for over 3 years now; music of that caliber deserves more than just a good hook. With SIMD I just want to show my listeners you can actually expect some lyrical substance along with melodies and 808. I’m much more than just a lyricist but that’s something I want to build anticipation for, you know? There’s going to be a lot of different styles on Midnight Blues so I really can’t tell you what to expect beside great music.” Rodd.D

The release of Midnight Blues was originally planned to be released 8/31, but Rodd.D took to social media to express is remorse in the change of plans but we can expect a release date and feature announcements from the South Carolina artist soon.

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