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First Day Feature: Flowerchile discusses her “Just A Feelin” EP

One of the key things that makes music such a universal language is the fact that it evokes so much emotion. Listening to a record can bring you back to an exact moment, causing you to relive that feeling fully and palpably. Beyond that it can also bring you into the world of the artist themselves. It can give you a completely new perspective on how people view things than you may develop on your own.

The raw emotion and honesty of Mississippi-bred songstress Flowerchile is a prime example of such. Her debut project “Just A Feelin” brings you into her world and takes you into her mind. Going through the 5 tracks, you come out feeling as though you know her better than you did beforehand and that’s one mark of a great project.

As she continues to push her new EP, we sat down with Flowerchile to delve into the process behind the work. Follow the full Q&A session below:

To start for anyone getting their introduction to Flowerchile today tell us more about yourself.

I’m a singer-songwriter, but I’m multifaceted. I’m a MS native and my roots are mostly situated between Newton and Jackson MS. Writing is the first introduction I had to artistry and when I was a kid my mom let me perform with The Roxy theatre, and my love for other forms of art just kind of grew rapidly and instantaneously from there!

When did you get your start singing? Were you always into music or did it develop over time?

Music has always been something that’s been a part of me. From piano lessons early on, to singing at home to my parents’ music and in the theatre. My mama was really into artists like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, and Floetry— & my godmother’s bf would be in the yard playing The Blues on a Tuesday. My dad’s always whistling something. Down to going to church with my grannies—I’ve been very blessed to come from people who know good music.  

Who are some of your favorite singers right now? Are there any you would like to work with?

Some of my favorite singers include, Beyoncé. Here recently I’ve really gotten into Snoh Aelegra. Tina Turner, Sade, Aretha Franklin, and Eartha Kitt are just a few women I find myself studying, for different reasons. Krystal Gem, Florence and the Machine, Rihanna, SZA, and Beyonce’, are some of my top “singing artists I’d wanna work with.”  but gosh, there are too many to name. I also very much like the sound of Flowerchile and Mariah Carey. And she’s not a singer, but I have this dream of collaborating with Megan thee Stallion.

How do you feel your sound differs from others?

I think what makes me different is the that my sound has no limit. I can adapt to anything.

You’ve described your music before as “Gumbo Music”. Can you break this down for us?

I always have trouble narrowing a genre down and when people ask me, that can be frustrating. Though my project is cohesive, I think it shows I’ve been influenced by a lot of different genres. Gumbo has a lot of mixed up ingredients in it, so I think it’s appropriate to make the comparison! And like gumbo, it’s good!

You’re fresh off of your debut project “Just A Feelin”. What inspired the tone of this EP?

Music is the space I create for myself to be vulnerable. And going through those feelings helped me come up with the title. And some of my inspiration stemmed from the television show “Pose”, I pulled a lot of inspiration from Angel, one of the main characters. I could resonate a lot with what she was dealing with, which is why you’ll find for one of the interludes, her voice is present. And just, being able to express myself and parts of  my personality was very important.

How was the process of creating it? I know some artists can be a bit less confident their first time out the gate.

I was fortunate enough to work with artists like D. Horton and 5th Child, and I’m grateful for how they really accepted me and 5th Child was very helpful in fostering my creativity. 5th Child is one of the greatest people on the planet period.

Beyond just your voice I love how well written every track is. Do you collaborate with other writers or is everything done by yourself?

First of all, thank you so kindly. Secondly, I do all of my writing. That’s one thing I really take pride in. My ability to write just about anything.

What producers helped with the project because it does have a very uniform sound?

For this project I picked all the music out myself. But it’s funny you say that. I play piano by ear and I have an interest in co producing my own music in the near future. I showed 5th Child something I made once. He liked it.

What do you think is the song you personally connect with most and why?

A year ago I would have said Cryin’ in the Club. Today I would say I Don’t Know if it’s Forever! And that’s because my views on dating since curating this project has changed quite drastically.

What’s next for you? Of course you’re still pushing “Just A Feelin” but is there anything else your fans should be looking out for?

My fans should look forward to see how I tackle a new arena, and lookout for more content to go along with “Just a Feelin’! And as far as a new project is concerned, I always like to keep those sort of things quiet.

Any last words before we close things out?

I’m just very grateful for growth and transformation. This EP has helped me discover a lot of things about myself personally and professionally, and more than anything, I just strive to be a good example of focus, and commitment. I look forward to watching myself grow and the continued building. “Sikit sikit, jadi, bukit.”— “Little by little.” And thank you for having me here.

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