First Day Feature: DJG Discusses His Upcoming Project “Stuck In My Ways”, New Single “Jym Krow”, #BlackLivesMatter & More

The word conscious is defined as “aware of and responding to one’s surrounding”. The word gangster is defined as “a member of a group of violent criminals”. When those two ideals collide it can make for a good mix and wide view of society as shown from the work of rising Chicago artist DJG. Brimming with wisdom and wordplay DJG makes a brand a music that can be enjoyed by lovers of different types of hip hop from backpackers to radio listeners and pulls it off with ease. As a figurehead of RareBreedRecords it certainly seems as though big things are on the brink judging by the quality of summer singles he has released in lead up to his upcoming Stuck In My Ways collection. Today we present to you a quick look into whats to come from Stuck In My Ways as well as DJG’s views and thoughts on other matter in and out of music. Keep on below to check out our discussion with him.

For those new to you could you share a bit about your background?

I’m a Chicago artist, with my own label, over 10 years in the game & a new authentic sound.

Speaking of Chicago the city has such a rich history in music so I must ask what is your favorite album from a Chicago artist and why?

Good question. I think I would have to say Twista “Adrenaline Rush”. It’s a timeless body of authentic lyricism. Something I would like to accomplish. Although I could name a few more.

What lead you to start pursuing music seriously?

I would say the CEO of our label Larry Gordy. He pushed me to perfect my craft & keep me out of trouble. Like a brother & a coach.

What about your talent do you feel sets you apart from the regular landscape of hip hop?

Intent, I intend to make thought provoking hit records!!

You refer to yourself as a “Conscious Gangster” so that begs me to wonder what side of that spectrum do you tend to lean more towards in your day to day movements. The conscious or the gangster?

There is no side really. I have a understanding of both. I think that just opens more lane for me to take. People appreciate versatility…. I think.

Your new single Jym Krow is set to release soon and luckily I was able to catch a listen in advance. First let me say its very dope and it packs a heavy message. Explain what your thought process was like when creating it?

Honestly I was just disappointed with what was going on & still going on in the U.S. I wanted to let people know the more things change the more they stay the same as far as racism & stigma’s in America.

You speak a lot on the track about sticking together with one another. Why do you think their is so much division, not only in the black community but as a whole in this nation?

There’s not enough characters in this email for me to go in depth.To sum it up tho its by design.

Not to be too political but obviously their have been rising tempers throughout America in large part because of the frequent police shootings going on. What do you feel about the #BlackLivesMatter movement and what responsibility do you think musicians have to help with said movement?

Well first of I would like to congratulate #BLACKLIVESMATTER for being such a big deal. Its critical that we as artist influence the youth to recognize what’s really important as a black community in america. We need to set a new standard & expectations for each other.

Onto the topic of your project “Stuck In My Ways”. What is the concept and direction we can expect from this?

I want it to be a roller ­coaster of emotion, lyricism, authenticity, & dope beats. Everything you expect from a classic. A new sound coming out of Chicago.

When is the expected drop date? Any features or producers you’ve been working with you want to share?

We plan to release very soon. I got collabs with my label mate Show Out, Beadz, Paris Bueller, & Darius Shaun. Production by Rio Mac, “HB On The Track”, Liddell Townsell, Paris Bueller, Maurice Joshua, Money, Diggy Beats, & HDBeatz.

What’s the main take away you want the listeners to leave with after hearing the project?

I hope they have new appreciation for any thing coming from the Rare Breed camp. I plan to deliver more good music.

Outside of “Stuck In My Ways” what other ventures do you have lined up for the remainder of 2015?

Touring & I look forward to feeding at least 10 families this Thanksgiving with the #RESPECTTHEARTIST campaign.

Before we conclude is there anything further you’d like to say to everyone reading?

Thanks for taking the time out to get a piece of my mind. Stay in touch on social media @DJG_RBR_PREZ.

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