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Stream Deniro Farrar’s “Mind Of A Gemini,” His 1st Project Since January ’15

Deniro Farrar was quiet for a long time. He’s just returned with a resounding statement. Stream “The Mind of a Gemini” here.

Finally, Charlotte “cult rap” innovator Deniro Farrar has dropped his new project, his first since Cliff of Death 2, released in January 2015. Last month, he dropped a bracing new track called “All Black,” and the month before that, he collaborated with DMV rapper Jay IDK on “Trust Nobody.” His new mixtape, The Mind of a Gemini, is made up of 7 brand new tracks. Farrar fans will be pleased to know that he hasn’t lost any of his inspiration during his lengthy period of relative inactivity. Mind of a Gemini is something only he could have created.The mixtape includes experimental productions that are tied together with a sense of raw, Southern funk. Deniro’s rapping is sharp, witty, and sometimes assaulting. He has the ability to get deeply philosophical and esoteric without letting his listeners forget about the harsh realities of life in the ghetto.

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