ZAC JONE$ Teams Up With Jesse Royal on “The Weed Song”

Multidimensional artist ZAC JONE$ releases his new single “The Weed Song,” featuring International Reggae Star Jesse Royal. Out now on Easy Star Records, “The Weed Song” is the third single from ZAC’s upcoming EP Man A Yard. The new anthem comes with a music video that captures the ‘feel good’ high from the controversial plant expressed… Continue reading ZAC JONE$ Teams Up With Jesse Royal on “The Weed Song”

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[INDUSTRY] Hip Hop World Music Presents Hip-Hop from All Sectors of the World dedicates to showcasing Hip-Hop Music from around the World Hip-Hop has gone from what many people thought was just a fad to the number one music genre around the planet. In the USA, Hip-Hop album music consumption makes up 22% of all sales, beating out pop, rock, and R&B to the #1 spot.  The… Continue reading [INDUSTRY] Hip Hop World Music Presents Hip-Hop from All Sectors of the World


Andrew Smith releases sparkly anthem “Magic Mess”

Indie pop singer/songwriter Andrew Smith returns with an ode to friendships and those who lift us up.  Entitled "Magic Mess", the irresistibly catchy track features colorful backdrops of lush synths, bright electric guitar riffs and hopeful vocals. "Magic Mess" follows Andrew Smith's nostalgic downtempo single "Twenties".  The New York based artist has been making waves with his honest songwriting and… Continue reading Andrew Smith releases sparkly anthem “Magic Mess”


Micky James drops transformative new single “Not Okay”

Philadelphia based glam rock artist Micky James just dropped his latest single "Not Okay." The artist, who is known for his passionate songwriting, larger-than-life performances, and his modern twist on classic rock-and-roll aesthetics, has continuously made a name for himself over the past few years by coming out a champion in his genre.In Micky's new single "Not… Continue reading Micky James drops transformative new single “Not Okay”


StaJe drops sizzling new dance banger “Up”

Los Angeles based electro pop meets R&B artist StaJe just dropped his new vibrant and colorful track entitled "UP." The hearty dance anthem brings a fresh new flavor after a tough couple of years, making you want to grab your friends and head out to the club. “UP” started as a freestyle in the studio,… Continue reading StaJe drops sizzling new dance banger “Up”


Emily Henry hears “The Sound”

Emily Henry stuns in her new single "The Sound".  The slinky and vibrant electronic pop song is a hopeful one is all about finding moments of joy. With eclectic rhythmic synths under Henry's seductive vocals, "The Sound" is a riveting alternative pop track. In the accompanying visuals, Emily Henry is a spy who is waiting for… Continue reading Emily Henry hears “The Sound”

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Solo Skie – Romantixxx [EP]

Let's get it! Rising new Latin pop/rap artist Solo Skie emerging from Denver, Co (The Mile High City) with some new sauce! Turning up the volume in his city as he strives for the masses with this new music. Solo Skie recently released an EP titled "Romantixxx" which is on all platforms right now! His… Continue reading Solo Skie – Romantixxx [EP]

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Zoot – Private (Official Music Video)

The Persian born rapper, producer, songwriter Zoot just dropping too much sauce right now! He just released his visuals to his latest joint "Private". His 3rd visual in the past 2 months! He's slowly coming out his shell. He's been into music at 4 years old. Beginning with flute, xylophone, chorus and the Iranian santoor, Ardalan aka Zoot found his passion at… Continue reading Zoot – Private (Official Music Video)


Moxi finds bliss in “Back to Me”

Los Angeles based wife and husband duo Moxi crafts interesting and provocative indie electronic meets pop releases. Their latest unveiling is the soaring new single "Back to Me". The track details singer Anna Toy's connection with meditation and how the practice has transformed her life for the better. She confides, "A few years ago I… Continue reading Moxi finds bliss in “Back to Me”


LEVVELS return with “Personal”

Rock meets synthtronic trio LEVVELS return with an irresistible alternative rock single. Called "Personal", the track is all about the "mental and physical anguish of opening yourself up in order to be close to someone. The pleasure and pain, the back and forth, the passion and distraction, the friction and the harmony." confides Ty of the… Continue reading LEVVELS return with “Personal”