First Day Feature: Young Seda talks life in Delaware, influences and more

Hip-Hop is everywhere and lives in the corners of the country you may not always think of. Young Seda acts as a strong representation of that, bringing his style from Delaware to the masses. Track by track he has established himself as one of the standouts in his region, even receiving coverage from nationally known outlets such as and others. We were able to do a Q&A session with Seda as he comes off the heels of his new “King Zuko” visual. To learn more about the burgeoning talent follow the conversation below.

So to start off I’d like to know what made you start rapping and when it happened?

I started freestyling when I was 8 to my oldest brother’s beats. He rapped at the time and I wanted to be like him. I wasn’t confident in it at the time so I never showed anyone but when I met my close friend Zach aka Zan Jupiter in 4th grade, he told me why he wanted to do music which was for attention and to be loved and cared for everywhere he’ll go. I was suddenly convinced and started to write raps to impress him and to make other new friends at first but as time progressed, music became a way to express myself and take a break from reality. No one paid attention to my opinions and thoughts growing up so music was a way for them to hear me out. You can say music gave my voice power.

Who would you consider to be some of your biggest inspirations and why?

Hopsin was a big inspiration. He inspired me to talk about real and truthful things that society tries to hide through the superficial life of a rapper we see everyday on social media and in music videos. Another inspiration of mine is Andy Mineo. Some people may not know him since he is a Christian rapper but he inspires me to expose the false advertisements we see on tv of what being successful looks like and approaching each topic in a logical and spiritual point of view. These two positive rappers definitely shaped who I am as a artist and as a person. The guy you see on stage is the same one you see off of it.

What is it like growing up in Delaware? That’s not necessarily the place you would consider your typical region for hip-hop.

Growing up in Delaware is definitely more intimate to connect with people than other places since it’s so small. Especially in Wilmington, everyone knows everyone so its not that hard to get your name out. The only issue with Delaware music is it lacks support. A lot of artists from Delaware don’t support one another since no one has made it big on the tv screen yet like Drake or J Cole so everyone wants that spot and are too focused on putting themselves on rather than others which is relatable but it doesn’t get us anywhere.

What is the music scene like there? Who are some of your favorites and some of the biggest artists to come from the area?

The music scene seems to be more trap and drill related. Big artists in the area are Ken Masters and Timmy Da Third aka Boodah Markii. My favorite Delaware artist right now is VIIX. Other Delaware artists I listen to are Rated Dont3, JRell and Zan Jupiter.

What do you think separates your music from most others?

The messages I portray in my songs. I give hope in mp3s and don’t use any profanity while doing it. I’m more lyrical than entertaining. Not a lot of artists in Delaware can say that about their music.

Most of your releases have an average of about 10,000 plays on them. How does it feel to know you have people out their supporting your art and that can appreciate your vision?

It feels great! Definitely appreciate the people who listen to them. It motivates me to keep doing music just knowing that someone is listening to me.

To date what do you feel is the best song you’ve ever made?

The best song i ever made so far would be Born Kings. Its lyrical, the wordplay is crazy and it has a deep message. The song is about Gun violence in the city, false role models for the youth and my purpose in making music.

You recently released the visual for your “King Zuko” track. Tell us more about how that all came together and the inspiration behind it.

So King Zuko came from the passion and work ethic I’ve been putting into my music career since I started and just motivating everyone else to work and to not get lazy chasing their dream. I named the song King Zuko because the vibe of the song reminded me of fire. With Zuko being a fire bender and one of my favorite characters from Avatar, he was a prince so I made him a king. Like this is Zuko in his Prime stage where his combat abilites are higher than a prince. The sample of the beat was found by my friend Dajour aka Cure Ethics or Twizch we call him by, he found some dragon ball z sample and told Zan to loop it and make a beat out of it. Once the beat was done, Twizch told Zan to send it to me just to hear it and then ideas just started popping up in my head. I wrote and recorded the whole song in one night! The beat was initially made for Twizch to use but once he seen my idea for it, he gave me it. So King Zuko was created by 3 minds and I can’t for get the director who shot the dope video, iiiivisuals aka Prince Ali.

Are you a big fan of anime? If so what are some of your favorite ones to watch?

I used to be a big fan of Dragon Ball Z and Zach Bell growing up but I wouldn’t say I’m a big fan of anime since I barely watch it now. My favorite anime show is Berserk. That’s the last anime show I’ve watched since 2015. Although I barely watch the shows, I do like the aesthetics of the characters and their uniques stories and fighting abilities. It gives me a rush of excitement whenever I do watch anime shows though.

What else do you have coming up in the near future?

I’m working on a project called 2098. I’m planning to release it in early May or late April. Features on the project so far are Figgy JR, Big Rex the Beard, Ruben Cruzado and Don Arte.

10 years from now where do you see yourself?

So in 10 years I will be 29. I see myself opening up a nonprofit art center geared towards Young Teens who are interested in pursuing Music Production, Song Writing, Graphic Design, Photography and Videography.

12) What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to face thus far in your life?

To not be ashamed of what I want to do with my life. A lot of people, especially adults, will get on you if you just wanna pursue music as a career rather than being a doctor or a ceo of a company. A lot of times I found myself always putting music under the rug to avoid the negative feedback but I learned that if you want to be successful, you have to have confidence in what you want to be successful in and be willing to take negative feedback on whatever you want to become in life because it’s your life and not anyone else’s.

What were you able to learn from this?

To not take judgment to heart and at the end of the day it’s just someone’s opinion.

If you could describe the emotion you want people to feel after listening to your music what would it be?

To feel and be inspired. I don’t care about being the greatest rapper alive. If I can inspire someone to do something or become something in life, I did my job as an artist. Just to know I’m impacting someone with my music is powerful.

Any last words before we conclude?

You already know it’s your boy Young. Shout out to 1stDayFresh for the interview. Go follow me on Instagram and Soundcloud @youngseda Twitter and Facebook @madmanseda Stay tuned there’s more to come.


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