First Day Feature: Young Seda talks his “ALONE” video and more

The progression of artists is something we at 1stDayFresh pride ourselves on promoting. One of the artists who has been on our radar for a while now is Delaware’s Young Seda. We profiled him roughly a year ago and since that time he has been working tirelessly. Outside of music releases he has built his fan base up with performances throughout the Northeast.

We wanted to catch up with him again to chart some of his progress and find out more about the budding talent. Fresh on the release of his “ALONE” video we were able to do so. Follow the follow Q&A below.

You are someone we’ve been lucky enough to cover before, but to anyone getting an introduction to you today can you tell us about yourself?

My name is Young Seda. I’m 20 years old. Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware. I’m a young hip hop artist who promotes the positives and addresses the negatives. I’m here to inspire and to empower the young generation and whoever can relate to me and my music.

We last spoke to you in March of 2017. What’s been new with you over the course of the past year?

A lot of school work. I’m in college now for marketing and this is my first year so I’m still getting adjusted to it. Also a lot of shows back and forth from Philly and DE. I love performing.

How do you feel you’ve grown as an artist since we last spoke?

I actually noticed this recently, my writing became more intimate and structured. It’s kinda like what Eminem said in one of his interviews, writing songs are like putting together pieces of a puzzle, they have to fit. I also started messing more with sounds and effects just for fun. Turns out, the people love it and I love creating that sound too. So just experimenting more outside of my box and also knowing my strengths and weaknesses.

You’ve dropped your “Dystopia” EP and more since then. One thing I’ve noticed is that every time I hear from you it seems your music becomes more and more personal. Is this something you’ve aimed to do or is it just natural?

To be honest, it just came natural. I always speak from my mind. Whether it’s about having fun with friends or going through depression. I guess looking up to Hopsin a couple years ago and how his music is personal instilled me to also make my music personal too unintentionally. It does help though. It gives my voice power and a room to fill my thoughts in.

Do you ever wonder if the music you create will catch on as much as your other tracks have when you release them? Or do you just have the faith in yourself.

I have faith in myself. And even it doesn’t, that’s not my main goal. It would be dope to have tens and thousands of people to keep up with me and the music I make but as long as I’m inspiring and impacting lives, I don’t care what the SoundCloud stats says where my music ranks.

As you already stated you’ve been on stage much more than the average rapper in your position. Is performing a much different vibe for you in comparison to recording music?

Yes! I love letting all my energy out on stage. I love the crazy reactions new fans give me and just having the audience experience my music upfront. Recording is fun too but when I get on stage, all of my worries go away. It’s amazing!

What is your favorite and least favorite thing about being on stage?

My favorite is the reactions I get and the hype energy I’m giving off. My least favorite is the nervousness that comes with it and if there’s a dead crowd, it feels impossible to entertain them.

Have you ever had any bad performances? How did you manage to overcome it?

I had a bad show not too long ago. The crowd was dead and only 4 out of 50 people showed interest. I just gave them my card and left haha.

Where can fans catch you performing next?

I have a show on March 16th at A Poet Art Gallery in Philly. Then I have another show in Wilmington at the Chris White Art Gallery on March 22nd. Flyers are on all of my social media accounts.

You just dropped your “ALONE” video off last week. What can you tell us about the creation of that?

So the song was made when I was going through a point in life where I pushed away women who were interested in me in fear of possibly breaking their heart. Once I got done recording, I sent it to my older brother, Izy, and he was talking about how much he loved the song days after I sent it to him which usually doesn’t happen. I wasn’t expecting this song to blow up like crazy. In fact, before I went to announce the release date for it, I thought about not releasing it at all because I just felt as though it was a dark song and I thought no one would mess with it because I didn’t know anyone who could relate. I felt like the only person. It turns out everyone loved it and I wasn’t the only person so I’m glad I decided to drop it.

Its a very emotional song, I sure wondered if it was something you went through for real.

No, this actually happened in the summer haha. I got out of a relationship in spring and started talking to a girl that lives close by and the more we got close personally, the more I felt the need to be distant. Now I’m not the type to cut people off and not tell them why and just stop being in someone’s life. So I told her why and she respected it but I just felt so bad because she was really into me so I decided to just vent out all that I was feeling in that song. Hoping that she can understand where I was coming from

What advice would you give someone going through the same situations you were talking about on “ALONE”?

Though you may feel alone and the only one going through what your going through, truth is your not. There’s nothing new under the sun and don’t be afraid of fear. Everything has its purpose and fear is literally the devil. The world is yours. Live the life God wants you to live.

What has the response been from your fans in regards to the video?

They love it! People been telling me they been replaying it since it dropped. I’m grateful for Bilal’s help to capture the emotion behind the song.

2018 is still pretty new, what goals do you have that you wish to accomplish this year?

I want to become a better Christian, surround myself with those who value the same beliefs I do, and to continue to make good music.

What else do you have coming up that fans may need to know about?

Album and merch is coming soon!

Any last words before we conclude?

Thanks for taking your time to read this and make sure you follow me on Instagram @youngseda, Twitter @madmanseda, & Facebook @madmanseda


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