ClrConscience impresses with lush lyricism in “Heartbeat/Count Your Chips” visual

ClrConscience is all at once a rapper, poet, and producer from the DMV area (Baltimore, Maryland specifically). He always had an affinity for hip hop and poetry, writing here and there. However, he didn’t begin to pursue music until his first year of college at 18 years old. The young DMV artist is inspired by (though not limited to) life itself, and any experience that he gains from it. He aims to put only his unapologetic beliefs, truths, and vibrations into the atmosphere through his music for all people to take in. His main focuses in 2017 are brand building and finishing his currently untitled project that he hopes to drop sometime this summer.

Below you can find some of his music and a crisp visual for the two part “Heartbeat/Count Your Chips”. It acts as a great introduction to ClrConscience’s lyrical stylings. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.


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