Stream Ballad’s long awaited “Suite ’89” EP

The wait is over. Suite ’89 is finally here! After releasing the EP’s first single, “Do It Like You” featuring Nitty Scott, MC, back in 2015, Ballad is excited to deliver the much anticipated project to his fans with a promise that “there’s way more to come”. 

Boasting a selection of slick melodies, ear-gasmic harmonies, undeniably on-point songwriting and the perfect chemistry between Ballad and the EP’s main producer, Jay Muse, Suite ’89 is R&B in its purest form. With not a trap drum in sight, the feeling felt when listening to it is pure, it’s a reminder of what R&B used to sound like and an insight into what it can sound like when a genuine love for the genre is involved. 

Whether it’s the euphoric “Sweet Lovin’” – a track that hears Ballad’s vocals act like a synth floating over a bed of guitar licks – or the bold and beautiful “What To Say To You” – which sounds like an extension of Lloyd’s classic 2006 hit “You” – listeners will be engaged from start to finish as it effortlessly switches tempos and topics.

Without question the highlight of the EP, “Jasmine” holds a special place in Ballad’s heart. The one track that those lucky enough to hear the EP before its release highlighted as a stand out, it’s also a record various other artists and industry folk have expressed interest in using as their own. Compiled of some passionately expressive vocals and a beat that builds with individual instrumental goodness, you can understand why Ballad didn’t want to let it go.

With Ballad and Suite ’89 in rotation R&B has never been in better hands. Stream below and purchase now on iTunes.


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