Vitamin Cea celebrates God on new record “JoyFull Perfection”

Vitamin Cea is an artist who has shown tremendous growth since stepping on the scene at the top of 2017. From “#CoppinCea“, to “Vibe Therapy” and now with JoyFull Perfection we get to learn more about what makes up the burgeoning Mississippi talent. In time for Easter, she get’s the gospel flowing here with arguably her most heartfelt release to date.

On “JoyFull Perfection” we get to see Cea spewing more of her patented bars, which seem to be more poignant than ever. Her verses all revolve around her own flaws and how she looks to God to help throughout them all. For an added dynamic is a heavily melodic chorus that sounds straight out of the church itself. NeoSoooul, Mastad0n and Elias help her round out the sound with background vocals that take the track to another level.

This marks the last release from Vitamin Cea before the world is properly introduced to her in the form of her “JoyFull Noise” project, which is slated to drop April 23rd. Get acquainted with this new one now, and head over to to learn more about Vitamin Cea as an artist and hear the rest of her songs and features.


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