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Re-Fresh Fridays:Tour Edition

It’s Friday so you know what that means!? Re-Fresh Friday with me! I have something a very amazing for you all today. (Like always). I wanted to highlight a new, refreshing artist who truly understands hip-hop and the culture! This Re-Fresh Friday highlights an artist known as Silas! Silas is a Mississippi native and has been rapping for quite some time now! His lyrics are fun, conscious, pro-black, pro-people, and overall, just a wonderful breath of fresh air to culture!

Silas has managed to use his southern roots and add some spice; making it more than music, he really takes you on a rhythmic journey! In Jackson, Mississippi Silas is gaining a great fan base as well as local recognition from some major movers and shakers. His skill and recognition are taking him on tour! Starting TODAY (5/5/17), Silas will be in Hattiesburg at 8 pm at Jazmo’s Bodega! The tour will also feature different amazing local artist who might have been featured here on 1DF a time or two like- Quavius Black *cough cough* 😉

If you’re not from the Mississippi area don’t worry 1DF has got you covered. We are here to keep you in the know! Take an hour out of your Friday and listen to Silas’ most recent album, yes, album! The Day I Died. And before you head out tonight, hopefully, to see Silas take a listen to his most recent single that is shocking the airwaves, TV studios and the ears of all who have listened to or watched The Wiz. This song truly captures his amazing lyricism and flow! Watch the music video, listen to the album, give your Friday some purpose and go to see Silas!

Stay Fresh


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