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It’s FRIDAY!!!! This Re-Fresh Friday ….Straight outta the windy city, this breath of fresh air is really killing the hip-hop game!! From the Westside of Chicago…. SABA! Saba is part of a music collective entitled Pivot Gang. These young artist are attacking the music scene and blind-siding us with their talent! I particulary think you will enjoy Saba because he has such an amazing flow, lyricial content and passion. The type of music he makes is for the vibers, for the trappers, for the concious, for the people! Good music is making a comeback and it’s coming through Saba.

Saba isn’t exactly a novice. He definitely has a lot of support behind him and has proudly made a name for himself in hip-hop! His latest musicial release “Bucket List Project” is absoultely on another level! Every song is gold-really just top-notch. The vibes from the beat, the way he rides the rhythm, all make for a fantastic listening experience! He does everything with percision and care. Calculated rhymes that communicate his passion, struggles, triumphs and although it’s personal it’s ALL so relatable!

This project features dope rhymes from Noname and Twista (when’s the last time we heard from him right!?), amazing singing from Matthew Santos, and countless other artist. Not only does Saba rap beautifully but, he also is an amazing producer. A few song on this latest project “Bucket List Project” are produced by him and they are some of my favorites! I want you to listen to EVERY single song on the album however, I will give you some of my favorites and you can be gently guided into the amazingness that is the BUCKET LIST PROJECT !

Recommended Tracks:

  • Church (ft. Noname)
  • Westside Bound 3 (ft. Joseph Chilliams) MUSIC VIDEO HERE
  • Most
  • Photo Synthesis (ft. Jean Deaux)


Until next week, Stay Fresh


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