Virginia’s Era Hardaway Releases The Juug Tape



New music from VA based artist Era Hardaway entitled The Juug Tape. Read more about and stream the project below.

Era Hardaway has officially released his long-awaited LP, “The Juug Tape”. More-so noted for embodying the “darker” side of his music persona, “The Juug Tape” embraces a sound that millennial music is more in touch with–heavy production and catchy flows. The introduction to the tape was meant to answer questions about the young artist that fans who have been supporting his movement from the beginning may have pondered on, considering the way he approaches his new sounds..

Who is Era Hardaway? Who is Juugamil? Is he a “trap” artist? Is he a intellect? Does he live the life he speaks on within his music?..

There’s always two sides to a person, just as there is to any story. “The Juug Tape” should serve as part. 1 to all the questions lingering on the mind of the listeners. Part. 2 comprises his alter-ego that we will get re-acquainted with, sooner than later.

In the meantime, take a spin to his new 11-track collection. Standout tracks include “Free Rich” featuring fellow iLPackMobb member, Doe$ki, “Swing My Door,” featuring 94 Nicely, his first single pulled from the project, “Cal Ripken,” and his Young Crazy assisted cut, “All Out”. Tune in below.


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