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Re-Fresh Fridays: Boomiverse Release Edition

Hello to all you fresh folks out there! I hope that you are ready for a nice short and sweet re-freshing flashback!

So today 6/16/2017 is the release of Boomiverse from Big Boi! When I think about Big Boi, of course, I think of Outkast and the legendary music they made. Specifically Southernplayalisticadillacfunkymuzik! Upon the arrival of this song, we knew Outkast was here to stay. They were more than just rappers they represented a new form of music that was beyond the South, beyond Hip-hop.

Today the release of Big Boi’s Boomiverse helps to push those boundaries of music once again. He uses a lot of features and quite crowded instrumentation that really works on some tracks! I think this is a great CD to drive to or bump before a fun night out which is why I’m bringing to you this Re-Fresh Friday!

I really want to re-fresh your memory with the amazing things Outkast did. I don’t have enough time, or even space to share everything but, I will share a few tracks that I think will get you re-freshed and prepare you for your private Boomiverse listening party!

Without further delay here are some awesome tracks for Re-Fresh Friday!

Roses: listen here

The Whole World: listen here

International Players Anthem: listen here

Kill Jill: listen here

And finally the sexy classic Spottieottiedopalicious: listen here


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