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Re-Fresh Fridays: Summer Time Edition

What up to all the fresh people out there! I’d like to get to the point and make this short, and sweet! So, as you know it’s officially summer time and with the summer comes summer anthems, jams and joints. I’d like to introduce you to this Re-freshing young artist BUDDY! This young man is from Compton, California and is SOOOOOO different from anything we’ve heard out of Compton! First off, he’s only 17 years old! Second, He has such a summer time, chill, vibe. He isn’t hip-hop, he isn’t house, he isn’t Calypso, he’s just a music making machine.

Now, part of Buddy’s diversity comes from geniuses like Pharrell and Kaytranada. This time around he works with Kaytranada to create this dope and diverse set of tracks that make up his EP #ocean&montana. They work so well together you can hear it on every track!

Buddy rides Kaytranada’s beats PERFECTLY. I didn’t think any other young artist would be able to ride Kaytranada’s beats like Goldlink but, Buddy definitely does Kaytranada justice! This new artist has been experimenting with different types of vibes, genres and beat patterns since the start of his rapping career. I really appreciate Buddy because he bares a lot of himself on his tracks. Sometimes because the tracks are so catchy, his switch up between singing, and rapping, or because the beats keep your head bobbing you miss some of his lyrics… My suggestion play  Buddy this summer so you can catch every verse, every beat and every track! You will not be disappointed.

We try to keep you fresh and that’s why we had to share Buddy with you!  You’ve NEVER heard anything like this out of #Compton!

Listen and vibe to Buddy here: FOR FREE!!!!!

Check out his music video for:

Find Me (I recommend that you watch the music video after listening to the EP…It gives you a lot of perspective on the video and his mindset)

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