Eyezic links with Jacook for “No More”

Recently switching his name back to Eyezic from the moniker IAWIA, this man is showcasing he has more to offer than originally showcased.  Over the last few years Eyezic has been toying around with the beats but never setting aside the amount of time it takes to fully delve into the craft.  He states his reasoning for this is he wanted to have at least a 5 year advantage in the rhyme category before he began crafting his own unique sound.  This way when the beats are around year 5 the rhyming will have been mastered, creating a deadly combination.  With the help of in-house and local producer/friend Jacook, the two managed to pull something off they’ve yet to do before.  The craziest thing about this is the beat and vocals were all recorded.  Not liking what he heard, Eyezic stripped all the drums he laid on the beat and sent it over to Jacook.  While asking for the BPM and not getting a timely enough response, Jacook was searching through old FLP’s to find something suitable.  He laid the file of vocals and synths/pianos into the first project he opened (Completely different BPM than the original beat) and didn’t change a single thing.  The drums you hear now were made separately and magically turned out to fit beautifully.  Expect to hear a lot more from Eyezic on the production side of things and see a lot more live performance footage.  Also next week be on the look for the collaboration with Mississippi’s own Dolla Black over some more Jacook flame.


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