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First Day Feature: Native talks new name change, inspirations, PRE-SZN EP and more

Passion is a must in music for me as an avid fan and listener. Not passion in the sense of love specifically but more so as an overall inspiration. If your music doesn’t have any passion to it most efforts will simply come off as forced and a cookie cutter duplicate of something we’ve likely heard time and time again.

Native, formerly known as Pejamin Lane, is one artist who has made his was on 1DF before in large part to his versatility and passion in his music. Though his subjects can often revolve around love, the sound in which he goes about doing so is hardly comfortable, shifting from song to song. More recently his “PRE-SZN” EP was yet another testament to this with the Florida-born artist boasting as much versatility as ever.

In this Q&A session we got to pick the brain of the rising musician to find out where his passion comes from, how he constructs his music and more so read along:

To start for anyone getting their introduction to you tell us more about yourself?

My name is ShaQuad Patterson and I’m from Tallahassee, Florida and when it comes to music I’m probably the most passionate person you could ever meet.

When did you become involved in music and what made you want to become an artist?

I started writing music in 09 but I didn’t officially make my first song until 2015. Honestly I gotta give the credit of me wanting to become a artist to my cousin Tyreese (follow him on ig by the way @iam_tmarquis). If it wasn’t for him pursuing music and him being the person he is when it comes to music idk if I ever would have gotten the drive to actually make music then keep making music.

What do you think makes your music stand out from others we’ve heard?

I think I make a bunch of simp music but just in the way that 9/10 my music is about a female. It’s dealing with a broken heart and not to many rappers are actually speaking on it enough it’s always more of let me give a couple bars maybe a song or two but that’s it. My music has always been made with me talking about my reality which is centered around women and broken hearts.

Who would you consider to be the biggest influences in your life and why?

First my dad because he was in and out of jail the majority of my life and his absence taught me a lot about myself and what I didn’t want to be like. But my biggest influences come from the women in my life from my mother who raised me and my sisters as a single parent. She started the whole blueprint to my life by instilling my morals. Then a grandmother of mine who passed away. She was the first to spoil me spoil me, like she gave me the worlds and didn’t want anything return. You know how grandmothers are. Last just the women I’ve been with in life they’ve all influenced me in different ways wether that be good or bad, I’ve always learnt the most from women.

Your sound is very unorthodox. You never really know what you’re going to get from track to track sonically. How do you go about making music? Describe the process for me.

I make music based off my reality, so every song I write whether it be a verse or whole song it’s a direct connection to apart of my life that has already passed. Although I will say sometimes I write songs that play no part in my life at the moment but it soon comes to pass. So with being said I just write man, whatever I feel in my heart I write. I know that doesn’t sound like much but every song I’ve made started as me writing a word or two based off how I feel at the moment. Then I take experiences from my life and just weave them into a song that fits that particular word. I always always come up with my song names first that’s a big must for me and it helps keep me on topic to a certain extent.

Tell us about your last project PRE-SZN. You’ve said it came of tracks that were scrapped from a separate album you were working on. What made these tracks ones you just couldn’t help but releasing?

So I kept “Talk My Shit” because at the time is was just the start of me being more versatile in the type of music I make before I made that song all my songs just sounded sad and simpish. The day I made that I kinda evolved a little in my own artistry.

I kept “Money in the Bag” because that was my first trap song ever and it was my most well received song upon release. That made me rethink my music and for those that know, they know I said I’d never make trap music so that was big game changer for me.

I kept “Eastside” because it was inspired by Boogies’ Sunroof track and also the Quavius Black, Josh Waters and Davante Liv3 track (shoutout to them boys too man I been following their music for a while and I’m still amazed everytime). Just the fact that when I wrote that song I was living in Colorado and although every state I named dropped is in the south they’re all east of Colorado hence the name.

Last is “For the Love”. This track was written in the midst of me coming back from Colorado being young depressed and broke. I found someone who was dealing with her own demons at the time and it took me out of my lows trying to get her to be everything I saw in her.

Was the response to it what you expected when you dropped?

I mean I look but I never really expect anything from music when I drop because I know my sound isn’t what’s hot in music right now. When it dropped I was pleasantly surprised that people liked it especially with it coming about how it did.

What’s next in line as far as releases for you?

So I just dropped a single on SoundCloud with my cousin and I want to release a couple more we got tucked away as kind of a last of penjamin.lane type thing, but that comes second place to me finishing my  “The Nature Boy” album. If everything stays on course you’ll be getting your first single from that in September.

What vibe can we expect from the next release?

That’s a hard one cause the album actually keeps growing and I’m doing more for it. There’s a lot I got planned for this but at this very moment I’d say it’s a story of growth. So think chill but lofi chill and like all my music it’s my reality, just in a story setting.

You’ve notably changed your name. Why is that?

Yea I go by Native now and it came about as me wanting change in my life. So I cut my dreads and made the decision to get rid of everything that made Penjamin Lane who he was as an artist. Then I decided to put all my effort into being a true artist and actually accomplish my dreams. Native just kinda came about at the right time because when this decision was made I was back in my home stated of Florida I was back to my native roots so to speak.

What is a little known fact about you that you would like to share?

I was in the army for a period of time so there’s that. Even though music is my one true love and passion I’m very multitalented. I plan on making a movie at some point and I want to get into acting at some point I think it would be cool if I could play Static Shock in a live DC film.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

5 years from now I see myself traveling the world, eating amazing food while I’m on tour and/or playing Static Shock in a movie so DC holla at your boy.

If you could change anything about the world what would it be?

I think I’d change the way people act, everybody in the world wants to be emotionless and detached so bad when in reality it’s eating them alive when they don’t let out how they feel. I’d also make it mandatory everybody has to plant at least 1000 trees by the time they’re 65. We gotta stop killing the earth.

Any last words you want to share before we conclude?

Hi, I’m native and you’re watching Disney Chanel lol. Nah just plant more trees, stream “PRE-SZN” on Spotify, Apple Music and SoundCloud and get real familiar with my music because The Nature Boy is coming.

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