Liz Lokre says “Buh Bye” in visual for new dance track

Liz Lokre, formerly known as Liz Loughrey, is back with ‘Buh Bye’, a sultry anthem for the dance floor with a groove that beats for the soul. Produced by Toronto musician Adrian X and Jordan Reyes of BASECAMP, the track was released on May 25th and has already reached over 130K plays, being featured on several official playlists around the world both on Spotify and Apple Music (New Music Friday playlists and Apple Music’s Best Of The Week – Breaking R&B).

Partly funded by MuchFACT, the music video is directed by Sean McBride & Caroline Torti. She adds “This song is about the journey towards empowerment and how good it feels to confidently say ‘Buh Bye’ to anything that was holding me back”. ‘Buh Bye’ is now available on all digital and streaming platforms.

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  1. Adrian X says:

    The proper spelling of her name is LOKRE.

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    1. Sorry, it’s been fixed

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