Kyle Denmead finds the sound that works for him with the “Bad Love” project

Kyle Denmead has been a fixture here at 1DF throughout the course of its 2 and half year span. The melodic sounds he created found its way into our hearts and has stayed there ever since. Last year he dropped his debut project “Therapy”, which was a very honest look at his inner feelings and thoughts. Today with “Bad Love”, the official follow-up project he ups the ante.

On this new project Kyle gives less of an inward look, examining the thoughts and feelings from the perspective of someone speaking to particular women throughout. His sound was never necessarily one that didn’t have direction, but “Bad Love” marks his most intentional and cohesive tracks to date. He has found a certain median between pop, hip-hop, r&b, country and edm that is all Kyle’s.

The project clocks in at 10 tracks long with only one lone feature from Derrick Milano. Early standouts for me are “Let It Out”, “Right Now” & “Expectations”. Check the new album out in full below.


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