Laura Llorens speaks out about suicide in “Inside Out” video

From the shores of the Lake Michigan in Wisconsin, Laura Llorens has made her way across the waters and through the independent music industry for the past 10 years. She now considers herself Parisienne after her debut began belting her songs solo in the metro in Paris. 

Her melodic and melancholic singer/songwriter pop-folk music has been largely influenced by the French chanson scene. Laura has had a chance to participate in several French TV shows but she has always stayed true to her own voice and the writing of her albums. Her last release “Digging Deeper” co-produced with Charlie Chastain (B.B. King, R.E.M., Ringo Starr and many more) in 2016, is an 11 track LP that sings of love, war, death and the difficulties of living in a media filled world. 

She is now proud to unveil the visuals for her brand new single ‘Inside Out’. A track dedicated to all people suffering the loss of a loved one to suicide. She explains ‘This song was written in the memory of Naghmey Aby Samb, an amazing friend and fellow performing artist and writer. It took me a long time to let go of the loss of my friend.’

Written and composed by Laura Llorens and produced by Charlie Chastain ‘Inside Out’ aims to shed a light on suicide prevention and mental health issues in the music industry and beyond. 


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