Off Guard releases their debut EP “Set The Scene”

Although new, Long Island’s alt-rock outfit Off Guard display a fiery wave of energy on their debut EP “Set The Scene,” out TODAY. The five-piece most recently released their latest single, “Strawberry Moon,” to stellar feedback, bringing a high-energy combination of alternative rock and pop punk to the New York scene. Vocalists Matt Weiss, Matt Becker and Tyler Embry come from a classically trained background that shows clearly throughout the record, With intricate harmonies and well thought out vocal runs that bend the alternative genre, all five members of Off Guard contributes a unique skill set to their sound, setting them apart from the stereotypical Long Island band. The record packs a huge punch with distorted chord progressions and three vocalists, all of which have classically-trained backgrounds. About their plans for the remainder of 2017, the band states:

“Since we are relatively new to the scene, we are going to do our best to hop on as direct support to any shows/tours that we can. After our EP release, we plan on doing a three-to-five day promotional tour across the Tri-State area with New York bands that we’ve grown a relationship with. We can’t wait to be those boys on our way to every venue blasting Post Malone and watching Futurama.”

Hailing from Long Island, New York, the five members of Off Guard bring an electric wave of energy that the alternative/pop punk scene desperately needs. The members, all coming from different musical backgrounds are making their mark on the music scene with elevated confidence. The band’s ages range from 21 to 26, which means Off Guard has a substantial opportunity and amount of time to become a band that everyone knows and loves. The band’s debut single “Maybe” shows listeners the dismal yet confident attitude one can have over a heartbreak. As the band prepares to release their debut EP “Set The Scene”, they maintain an active relevance on social media and the New York scene. “Set The Scene” is available NOW.


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