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Wane Enterprises CEO and New York artist Bruse Wane presents “Empire State”, his new single produced by Dai Dai On The 5th Floor. “Empire State” will appear on TheBatMan Should Have Been On It, Volume One, a forthcoming mixtape of live flows, mixtape cuts and original tracks from Wane. Wane’s most recent album Earl Manigault Of Rap featured the late Sean Price as well as Chris Rivers, the son of the late Big Pun (watch the “Venom” music video). Bruse also recently released the music video for EMOR singles “Brighter Days” (watch) and “Yuu” (watch). Bruse has also collaborated with Keith Murray (listen to “Return Of The Spitters (RMX)”). A native of the Bronxdale Houses Projects in the Soundview section of the Bronx, Bruse founded Wane Enterprises in 2001, hosting events featuring Styles P, Papoose, N.O.R.E, Buckshot and Remy Ma. “I chose ‘Empire State’ as the first release off the project because I wanted something with a epic and distinct feel,” Bruse says. “To me this track just feels like New York Hip Hop, thus the name. I have alot of freestyles on the project but this is one of the original tracks, which I feels sets the tone.” Regarding his forthcoming tape Bruse says “you’re getting pure Bruse Wane on this, spitting hard bars over classic beats. No features – just Wane.” Bruse is currently working on his next album The Dark Knight Album Two.. Fight For Gotham. Volume One of TheBatMan Should Have Been On It drops November 10th, 2017 on Wane Enterprises.

What motivated you to give yourself the nickname the Batman ?

Well way back I used to be a promoter, and in New York all the promoters had catchy or flashy names. I was already going by Bruce which is my family name so I decided to attach the Wane on the end to jazz it up. I remember I was in a meeting with a manager for a popular Manhattan venue and he asked me my name and I just said Bruse Wane. He was like “that’s dope” so I just ran with it. I began referring to myself as The Bat Man as well, actually because of the media. I would walk into a radio station or do a call-in and the first thing guys would say is “We have The Bat Man in the studio”. I guess it was meant to be just like the fictional Bruce Wayne. I have dual Identity issues, and I’m pretty nocturnal myself. Hip Hop has always had colorful characters such as Tony Starks aka Iron Man, or Ghostface from the Wu. There’s MF Doom, and now added to that list is yours truly Bruse Wane aka The Bat Man.

Your new project mixes freestyles with performances and a few original tracks. What inspired you to go about creating a record in this manner ?

I had so many freestyles floating around each corner of the internet I felt it was time to actually organize them and put them together in one piece of work. Some of the freestyles are older but then I got fresh stuff on there too. The project is kinda like the best of Bruse Wane freestyles compilation actually. The inspiration was really just to provide dope bars over classic beats. You got some DJs that don’t play freestyles so I put a few originals on there also. Back in the days you use to get rock, jazz and a few Hip Hop albums that featured the artist doing live performances from some part of the world while on tour. I wanted to do that so I did. It’s such a raw and gritty feel when you hear stuff like that, so I wanted that on the project.

With the success of rappers Like Kendrick Lamar, do you think a new space is forming in the mainstream for lyrical rap? What has been your experience?

I think lyrical rap is being giving more of a chance to breathe above ground. They are trying to make Hip Hop disco and it will never happen. Not as long as guys such as myself lurk in the underground where real bars still exist, and not as long as real Hip Hop fans exist as well. It’s great when you see artist such as Kendrick or even Jay-Z not dumbing down and staying steadfast to what they do. If Hov would have tried to trap out or dumb down his last project I think he would of really hurt the culture, and caused discontent with his fanbase. Trendsetters are not supposed to cater to the treads but start them. I like to party and turn up just as much as the next guy; different moments call for different music in the backdrop. Variety is the key and the lack of variety is what’s killing these mainstream outlets, not Hip Hop. Hip Hop ain’t going nowhere.

You are constantly performing. What do you love about performing ?

There are so many answers to that question but for me the best answer is I feel alive. The intensity, energy and passion I put into my set makes me feel like this is what life is all about – loving what you do for a living. When I’m up there I’m having fun, bro. I don’t care about the glitches or minor technical mishaps that may occur. As long as the crowd and I have found a bond I’m good. As long as there’s some kid out there that’s like “damn, this dude is fucking dope”. I like to travel and meet new people also, so going to different cities and markets displaying my brand of Hip Hop and getting great feedback is dope. It fills me with a sense of joy, pride and accomplishment that I’m a part of this Hip Hop game and culture. Sometime I might be the only non-trap or mumble rapper on the bill, so I go extra hard to rep that real, and I kill em.

Your predictions for 2018 ?

2018 is going to be big, 2018 is going to be the year of The Bat Man. I will be recording and releasing my new album, and embarking on various tours. I can’t wait. I will be working with some of the legends in the game. Would it be great to achieve mainstream success. I’m not going to lie, it would. But I’m not caught up on all that. My main objective is that when anyone in this game, or just a fan of real Hip Hop music, sees Bruse Wane’s name attached to anything, they come to expect dopeness. I’ma show y’all better than I can tell y’all. Peace.



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