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1stDayFresh Interview: NEFERTIITII

Nefertiitii - Promo Photo 3

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What’s your biggest goal for your career?

My biggest goal for my career is to be impactful (and successful of course!) Impactful meaning, I want to touch people through my music and art. Make people feel again. I think rap is kind of losing that touch sometimes. You can turn up and have a good time with a lot of the stuff we hear now but does it speak to your feelings? Does it inspire you? Is it a voice given to the voiceless? Can you live out your alter ego in the music? I think that’s what my music does, makes you feel. That’s impact. And when I say successful, it’s not all about the materialistic things. But success to me is being able to comfortably do what I love every day for the rest of my life. That’s success to me!

You’ve received plenty of recognition in your hometown of Baltimore for your career. What do you think are the pros and cons of your current position in the DMV’s hiphop scene?

Yes, I am honored to have been recognized in a major way by my city. I was nominated in 2016 as well as this year (2017) for a Baltimore Music Award for Best Female Rapper. When I started rapping a few years back, there were only a handful of female rappers really pushing in my city. Now there are so many more, and I feel like an OG in the game now! I think my city has been watching me grow and make major moves so it’s always good to be seen in that light. I don’t think there are any cons, per-se. But you know how the game goes when it comes to women. It’s already tough penetrating a male dominated industry. And on top of that, a lot (not all) of female rappers are quick to judge or tear each other down. It’s a thin line between the sport of competition and “hate”. But I’m always for unity and making boss moves just like the men do.

Do you think the current success of several female rappers is helping your career? Do you see any negatives?

I think it’s too soon to tell, but the successes of female rappers in recent months is a good thing. Female rappers are becoming more of a commodity, something that people want to see and hear. My only critique is that there needs to be more of a variety of females, not just one cookie-cutter type. When we get to that point, we definitely will be changing the game!

How do you know when a song is done?

I know when a song is done once I have the structure completely down and all the “sauce” is there. The attitude, the sound effects, the adlibs, the mix is right. I usually take a song (after the final mix) and listen to it at least 10-15 times over the course of a week. That way I can sit with it, figure out if I want to change anything, and then make edits if needed.

If you could bring back one dead artist, who would it be and why?

If I could bring back 1 person, it’s a tough one. From the rap side probably Tupac. He was such a revolutionary and activist in his own right. I think he would have had a major impact on a lot of things musically and socially (especially in this current political climate). If I had a second option it would be Aaliyah. She was the princess of R&B, so beautiful and talented and gone too soon. She made dope music that I still rock to today.

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