1stDayFresh interview: Supawave Osbourne

Brooklyn, New York emcee recently released the TrifeDrew-directed music video for “Feels Official”, Osbourne’s new single produced by DJ Corbett. Representing Brooklyn’s Bushwick and Flatbush sections, SupaWave has collaborated with Copywrite, and has shared the stage with the likes of MF DOOM, Sean Price and Machine Gun Kelly. 2 Dope Boyz premiered his last visual for “Blvcked Owt” (watch) and Mass Appeal premiered his Vast Aire collaboration “Iron Fist 5” (watch), which followed on the heels of the visual for “Left Shoes” (watch). Osbourne says the song is about “feeling the climate of your world. And at the time I wrote it, I felt trapped between the heat of the streets and cold ways of the outside world that seems to not like people that look like me .”
You say you wrote “Feels Official” at a time when you “felt trapped between the heat of the streets and cold ways of the outside world that seems to not like people that look like me.” Can you expand on the significance of that?

Definitely, it’s just that feeling of being caught between two worlds. On one hand with the culture you have a side full of wanna be gangsters, snitches, fakes, cops, all the other shit that comes with the street life etc… And then on the other hand you have the formal life, where its people that don’t really deal with the hip hop culture. And you might get followed around a store for no reason while shopping or some little annoying shit like that all the way to being thrown in jail or worst from a situation that stemmed from just simply being black. It happens way too often, and its a real part of everyday life that we’re forced to deal with that’s hell.

Describe the typical Supawave Osbourne fan.

The Supawave Osbourne fan is a serious hip hop head. Not just a casual listener of music. My fans love to listen to RAP MUSIC. They know the history of it, they are street dudes a lot of the time. Real deal dudes that love lyrics and listen to a lot of hip hop. I’ve found that my fans have some very good taste and listen to other music that I love also. I wonder about it all the time , but honestly I think I would be a fan of my stuff if I was able to listen to it completely objectively. Besides that, I think the typical Supawave fan is conscious about the world and ways of it. Definitely not a sleepwalker or a sheep. But I hope I’m kind of wrong on that. I hope I can be the catalyst to wake a lot of people up.

What’s your favorite verse in hiphop history and why?

Man, its hard to narrow down but, I would have to say Mos Def’s verse from “Thieves In The Night” on the Black Star album. As far as why- it’s because it just sums up everything in one verse. It sums up everything. It’s unreal. It’s magical. And aside from all that, it’s at the very least a well executed commentary on hip hop and life overall in America. The verse and the song itself are both musical as fuck and at the same time a concise, precise, and highly intelligent. It’s like a painful mirror. Nothing but realness. It’s stark naked ugly truth presented beautifully and sad at the same time. I don’t think there has been a more lyrically progressive verse in hip hop music ever made before or after that, maybe on the same level at best, but not exceeding it. I could go all day about it but I’ll end there…

What track of yours do you think you should go down in history for and why?

Probably Left Shoes. It’s timeless.

As a BK vet, what are your thoughts on its current gentrification?

I hate it. Real spit. I mean, I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said about it. It’s a huge problem and a fight that’ll probably be won by the wrong people, unfortunately. But the gentrification really started with colonization so the problems run deep. Almost too deep to even really touch right now, unless the world starts to operate and think very differently.

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