J Appiah releases his visual for “Come Around” alongside Kojey Radical

‘What I had in mind when creating this was on the subject of people feeling they can’t be their true selves for better or worse. Politically at the moment people are revealing some of their uglier parts.’

Built around Appiah’s unforgettable hook “I don’t want to change you / I just want you to be who you are,” ‘Come Around’ is an examination of the factors that prevent us from connecting on a truly human level. Featuring the lyrical bars and unmistakeable flow of rising star Kojey Radical, together the pair explore problems of selfhood in the adversity of urban life. Kojey inhabits the street-smart modern OG, made vulnerable but surer of his identity through the tumult of modernity. “They say I don’t know the streets, I said the streets know me / Like I know myself” he spits before asking “who the hell do I talk to? Couldn’t find a voice I believe in / Couldn’t find a reason to trust truth.” Appiah’s own feelings are conveyed in the breathtaking melody and emotive timbre of his voice, conveying that in any event there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel as he bookends the song with a final beatific hook: “and when the ice melts to the ground and all the green has fallen down, you’ll come around.” Appiah’s unbounded belief in the goodness in people here would melt even the iciest of hearts.


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