Rell Jerv pops up with new single “Cheated on Yourself”

“Cheated on Yourself” drops today from Rell Jerv, the newcomer stemming out of Delaware. The single is the first of three audio buzz tracks, being released, over the next month. Catching the attention of music fans lyrically, Jerv, is taking a backseat to visuals, focusing on the strong audio only. “Cheated on Yourself” was produced by the Mak3rs, his usual production team he stays loyal with for an original sound.

When we made “Cheated on Yourself” we had just got done distancing ourselves from a lot of people. I think that definitely played a big part in how the record came out, at first listen most would think the song is just about a female.. but in reality it is directed toward everyone. Fake supporters, people that doubt you and mainly the people that walk out of your life while you are in the middle or chasing a goal. So the line “you tied the rope you gotta hang now” is really saying hey you made the decision to walk out of my life, live with that decision.


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