Lil Ronny MothaF uses his storytelling skills on “Charlie Brown Story”

The “Charlie Brown Story“ is a best of both worlds concept put into a deep story between 2 men, Charlie Brown and Mr. Johnson. Charlie Brown is a convicted felon that’s just trying to get his life back together but seems to be finding a hard time getting a job. So he settles for his last resort, which is to go take from the next, just to provide for his family.

Mr. Johnson is a doctor that just so happens to be at home enjoying a movie when Charlie Brown decided to break into his house and Mr. Johnson is just naturally reacting to a break in by protecting his family who is upstairs asleep in this drama/musical called “Charlie Brown Story.“

The same reason that Charlie Brown broke into Mr. Johnson’s house will be the same exact reason Mr. Johnson has to lay down the law. Happy Holidays. –Lil Ronny MothaF


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