Eyezic caps off a strong year with his “O.M.I.D.” mixtape

The 20 year old emcee hails from London, Ontario, Canada, just a couple hours away from Toronto.  Although being born in London, most of his growing up has happened in the town over, St. Thomas.  St. Thomas is a small town of 36,000 with not a whole lot happening, giving an artist all the time in the world to make music, or giving a young man too much free time, and drugs to start making bad decisions.  As part of the Dys FUNK collective, the crew have been able to establish a name for themselves in London through merchandise and live events.  Members Eyezic and Reezy both have their own business’ in promotional production, live event hostings, and clothing customization.  With all that being said, the music will and has always been number one for Eyezic and you can expect to see a lot more in 2018.  Eyezic showcases his ability to construct bangers over various producers Instrumentals.  There is no features on the tape and every track is hard-hitting, brash, and to the point.  It sounds like Eyezic is ready to take his grind to the next level with how much Money is on his mind these days. You can also catch the previously released visuals for Guns Cocked on Youtube here.



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