Kris J takes us to the studio in “Billion Likes” video

It seems everywhere you look these days another rapper is resorting to gimmicks and shock to get your attention, making it a breath of fresh air when you come across an artist like Kris J who, instead of begging for you to listen, draws you in with lyricism and natural talent.

The Atlanta rapper has been consistently releasing quality content over the last few years, known for his stoner anthems that have gained him a loyal following that appreciates his lyricism and love of marijuana.

This year he’s steadily created buzz after releasing fire singles and videos such as “Blue Magic” and his latest single “Bad Habits” with Cool Club’s Jay Dot Rain. With the release of his latest project, “Audio Trappin” he has succeeded in raising the bar even higher on what we can expect from the young rapper.

Today Kris gives us a new video directed by The Architeks to single, “Billion Likes” from his latest project, “Audio Trappin” which depicts a typical day in the studio working. Staying true to his nature, it’s no flash, just straight bars.


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