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M.I.S. Ron – Taliban (Prod by Young Madz) (Music Video) [Dir By Vintage Modern]

Heavy on it! Let me put y’all on to M.I.S. Ron. He doing his thing in the city right now & he just started. He just dropped his new visuals “Taliban” &  almost 1 week ago & already over 20,000+ views currently & still going! First heard of him when I was hearing about a previous joint of his “Pushing My Buttons” which got over 50,000+ views in less than a month. He really go crazy. Another rising artist coming out of New York & he raw as ever!

His voice(rawness) & delivery make him sound more epic. He was talking hot but keeping it sauced with that real spill🗣! He got a 6ix9ine bar that made me play the whole song back. That line was too real. One of my favorite new joints out right now. M.I.S. Ron got his own sauce & you don’t see that a lot with young artists because everybody trying to sound the same or ride a wave. It’s catching fire slowly, but surely. He saucing his way up I gotta feeling this won’t be the last time we hear from him. He’s 2-2 right now with straight hitters. This Pressure Right Here!

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