FREEWIFI kicks off their year with “Took Off”

FREEWIFI starts 2018 off right with the feel-good, relatable track “Took Off” that celebrates the progress Daddy Dinero, J. Plaza and Tha Rift have made over the past year since signing with Rostrum Records. The song that is an anthem for those experiencing the rewards of their hustle premieres onHipHopDX and will be available on Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify, Amazonand Google Play on Friday, January 12.

Daddy Dinero elaborates on the song’s inspiration. “I was driving around going through beats, enjoying life over a Backwood,” he explains. “Immediately when the beat came on, the first phrase that came from my mouth was, ‘Damn, I just took off.’ I went home and laid it down. I wrote the hook around our current situation. Life is great. Creating our own lane elevated us to the next level. As a result, we took off and don’t plan on slowing down. I played it for the rest of the group and they thought it banged, so they hopped in the booth and killed that shit.”

Produced by Beldondidthat, “Took Off” is the group’s latest single that follows “Ego,” “Salsa,” “Throw It” and “Ghost.” All of the songs will appear onConnected, the trio’s forthcoming Rostrum Records debut to be released on February 2.

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