FunkGhost delivers his “Dark Skin Smokey” visual

Rapper/Producer Funkghost was born in Newport News VA. In 1986, his family relocated to Tampa Florida. After graduation from High school, he began performing in and around Tampa’s Ybor Citycommercial district with various bands/DJ’s helping form the new and bourgeoning hip hop scene in the Tampa Bay Area. Funkghost began his career as a studio apprentice under the tutelage of keyboard/organ player Edwin Birdsong, who had worked extensively in the 1970s and early 1980s with Jazz Musician Roy Ayers. Funkghost traveled to New York City and collaborated with Tampa Native Celph Titled who at the time was working as an in-house producer and A&R for the now-defunct BUDS International and Bronx Science Records. They would go on to release Funkghost’s 1st 12′ single “Instructions” b/w “Tampa International”. In 2000 Funkghost released his debut LP “Ultra boogie highlife”. The LP was well received by critics but failed commercially. Only 20,000 copies were circulated. Ultra-Boogie Highlife is now considered a hard to find Cult Classic. In 2009 he formed his own independent imprint “Grand Extravagant Entertainment” and released the single and video “The Way I Rock My Clothes” in February 2009. The song was produced by Symbolyc One “S1” [4] who a year later would go on to co-produce Kanye West’s 2010 single “Power”. In 2014, Funkghost released his second full- length studio album entitled Caviar Taste. Funkghost is back with the forthcoming 13 track album entitled “Jewels for Breakfast”. The Lead Single “Dark Skin Smokey”, was self -produced by Funkghost. “Dark Skin Smokey” boasts witty lyricism, hard hitting production, and is available now for streaming and download on all major digital outlets.


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  1. Nod Grimes says:

    Like to see bloggers shedding light on truly independent artists out there grinding. It is important that writers review and shed light on their work so big up on that. We host a radio show / and podcast and are always looking for interesting people to feature as guests so if you would ever be interested we would love to be able to discuss it.

    Until then keep up the great work Willie

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    1. I’m definitely interested! Email me please at

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