Stream Zxandria’s “Don’t Hesitate” EP now

Having spent the past two years developing her sound and finding herself as an artist, Toronto based singer Zxandria now is coming forward to deliver her Debut EP, ‘Don’t Hesitate’. Two years ago Zxandria made a decision to pursue a career in music. As a teen she studied Opera & Classical music, singing with Young Voices Toronto. However, it became clear to her through experiences like these that she wanted to create songs of her own that would tell her own stories in ways she wanted them to be heard.

‘Don’t Hesitate’ as an EP brings you
into that journey and shows Zxandria finding her voice as an artist.
Zxandria describes the EP with the following, “At face value these songs
represent 4 stages of a relationship, ‘Don’t Hesitate’ is about pushing past
your fears, ‘All in All in’ is about making that jump, ‘Get Out My Lane’ is an argument and ‘Papichulo’ is about asking for forgiveness. However, they’re also stages of a relationship you have with yourself and they all represent places I’ve found myself in throughout my journey with music.”
Following the release of ‘Don’t Hesitate, Zxandria is planning to build upon the momentum of her Debut EP with a stream of new releases heading into summer of 2018.

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