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10 Things you Need to Know About Silver Spoon Rapper Dancody

It’s hard to put a pin on Dancody.

No literally, it seems like he can’t stay in one country for more than one week at a time. Luckily, we were able to catch up with him during a break in New York for a brisk 10 question voyage into who he is and what he represents:

1. First off, It’s Dancody. Not Dan Cody, not just Dan.

“It’s one name, Dancody. I don’t really care how people spell it so long as they’re saying both names. Is that stupid? Maybe I’ll change it, but for now everyone just needs to put up with me being called Dancody.”

2. His first stage name was “Spinner”.

“I saw an episode of Degrassi when I was too young to see an episode of Degrassi. You know, the show with Drake. There was a character named Spinner and I thought that was a cool name, so I stole it.”

3. He hates being in the audience at a concert?

“Unless I’m watching someone I know personally, it’s difficult to stay engaged. Put me on the stage mate.”

4. His go-to snack is blueberry and oat cookies from Marks & Spencer?

“Used to have them shipped from England in the summers. Couldn’t live without.”

5. Rap isn’t his favorite genre.

“It can all get repetitive. I would rather listen to something alternative.”

6. If he wasn’t making music, he’d be a full-time polo player. 

“It’s my first love.”

7. He was born in Maryland.

“Everyone guesses the UK, or Australia, or South Africa… nah bro. Good ol’ Maryland, USA.”

8. He’s black.

“Yeah. It’s weird. I guess some of my lyrical content leads people to think I’m white or something. It’s the 21st century, black people can have old money now. My mum’s a black American and my dad is a black Pacific Islander.”

9. His favorite actor is Shia LaBeouf.

“Name a bad Shia film? Impossible.”

10. Dancody’s favorite song by Dancody is Patagonia.

“I don’t even think people listen to it anymore, but I pretty much owe everything to that song.”


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