Ignite Mindz calls on Kayla Marie and Mike L!ve for “Smooth”

Ignite Mindz and his wife Kayla Marie just released a music video for their brand new single Smooth featuring Mike L!ve. The vibe of the song can be described by one line from the first verse. “Skip work hit the road in a drop top.” It’s laid-back yet upbeat. Like that feeling you to get as soon as your vacation starts, knowing you can finally relax but at the same time you’re all hyped up. Jazzy guitar over trap drums with a gorgeous chorus by Kayla Marie. The video features Ignite playing the chopped up jazz guitar sample across the keys and pads on his Roland Fantom. Coupled with live footage and other visuals. The song is on Spotify, Apple Music and all platforms.

Mike L!ve just opened for Lupe Fiasco last weekend. He’s also opened for Raekwon and countless other legends. His flow is always so exciting and his name makes perfect sense. You can tell he’s a great performer just by listening to him. He’s worked with Ignite for years in Raleigh. He’s in the groups FTO and 1100 Hunters.

Ignite Mindz and Kayla Marie met when Ignite and his band were opening up for Naughty by Nature. There is footage of that performance in this video actually, where he is rapping and playing the keyboard. If only there was footage of when Treach was playing that keyboard during sound check right?

The cover art is Ignite’s grandfather when he was a radio DJ in Chicago. The mic looks identical to what the engineer decided would sound best for the song. A ribbon mic.


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